Porcini Mushroom

The porcini mushroom is a real delicacy and is known and loved for its nutty, mild yet intense flavour.

The home of the porcini mushroom is the northern hemisphere. Porcini mushrooms cannot be grown in cultures; they only grow wild. Experienced collectors pick the mushrooms by hand in extensive wooded areas, carefully and sustainably.

Porcini mushrooms consist of approx. 90 percent water. They contain a lot of protein. Porcini mushrooms are also rich in fibre and amino acids, which the body needs as a building block for proteins. Porcini mushrooms also have a lot to offer in terms of vitamins and minerals: for example, vitamins B1, B2, potassium, phosphorus and zinc.

We process the fresh mushrooms directly after they arrive in our plant. In addition to the fresh porcini mushrooms that can be purchased, we also offer preserved mushrooms with a natural taste in various containers.

Our offer to you:

- Porcini mushrooms in the finest quality
- Products available fresh and freshly processed
- Practical container sizes
- On request, in-house delivery service and factory outlet
- Natural growth and sustainable harvest – refined by the lingonberry specialist

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