Forest Cranberries – Wonderberry of the Forest

Forest cranberries have a high vitamin and mineral content. The fruit juice acts like a natural antibiotic against bacteria and infections, and generations of people who lived in close touch with nature have even used the red fruits for the disinfection of wounds.

The sour, aromatic taste of forest cranberries is an ideal companion to delicious food, in desserts or even as jam. This ingredient refines our food and drink in a healthy and tasty way.

We only use berries from the natural environment of the forest, mainly from Scandinavia and the Baltic States.

Experienced gatherers pick the berries in extensive wooded areas by hand, gently and sustainably. The red fruits are harvested fresh every day, cleaned and shock frozen. In this way, the fruits are delivered to us with maximum vitamin and mineral content and can be processed immediately by us.

We focus on gourmet quality! At the same time, the sustainability of the forest and the berries is our top priority! This is our guarantee!

Forest cranberries – healthy and deliciously refined by the forest fruit specialist!