Company history

Company history: Baier’s history starts in 1949 in the Bavarian town of Pressath, situated in the northern part of Upper Palatinate. This small town is located in beautiful surroundings, amidst the basalt peaks of Rauher Kulm and Parkstein.

The colours of the Bavarian flag, which are to be found on the Pressath municipal coat of arms, also adorn the company logo as a tribute to our Bavarian roots and the company’s strong links to its home region. 

After the Second World War, Georg Baier, the grandfather of the present owner, started to procure and trade in fresh berries and mushrooms, game, and live escargots from the surrounding area. In the following years, a continuously expanding network of collection sites covered large parts of the Upper Palatinate, Upper and Middle Franconia. During the 1960s, the company disposed of close to 150 collection sites.



The company’s founder died in 1960 shortly after the office and factory building in Bahnhofstrasse, which still houses the company’s headquarters today, was complete. His son Hartmut took over the management of the business and concentrated on processing and conserving lingonberries according to a special recipe. The berries are gently processed, guaranteeing a high fruit content. They are also free from pectin. Additionally, Hartmut started to develop and gradually expand the production of preserved mushrooms and jams, leading to a warehouse with 600 pallet storage spaces being built in 1983.

Since the mid-80s, customer demand for original products, manufactured according to tradition, has increased and the range of products has grown continuously: Imports from Asia, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia ensure the requisite variety. These include chanterelles and porcini mushrooms from Eastern and Southeast Europe as well as agaric mushrooms and other cultivated mushrooms from the Far East and berries from Sweden. Many consumers are not aware of the fact that the best chanterelles are to be found in Eastern Europe and that China has an ancient tradition of cultivating mushrooms which dates back thousands of years.

New sources of procurement called for the construction of the first cold store and deep freeze facility in 1990. Only a decade later, a cutting-edge deep-freeze and storage complex was built in the newly developed industrial zone, which was only two kilometres away from the original building. In this facility, approximately 2,000 pallets of products from all over the world can be kept frozen and carefully processed, bottled or canned.

These days, Martin Baier, the third generation of the family and grandson of the founder, is responsible for the company. The company itself has also seen a shift with the development of a new “low-calorie spread” which comes in trendy plastic packaging.

Today, the Pressath site has around 30 employees who produce a total of 300 products for wholesale and retail customers, large-scale customers and industrial clients, not only in Germany but also in Italy, Switzerland, Austria, France and the Benelux countries. Exports now account for almost 50% of production and highlight the excellent quality of Baier’s Bavarian products – in keeping with the motto: Naturally good, traditional products. “And that is never going to change!” Company Director Martin Baier promises.