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My name is Martin Baier, I am the owner of the company Baier and I am already running it in the 3rd generation. I will be happy to take you on a short journey through my life:

Fresh berries and mushrooms surrounded me since my childhood on the farm of our family business.

My brother and I often enjoyed fried chanterelles and freshly picked wild berries at home with our loving family. From the many woven wood baskets with the scent of natural wood we built castles, mounted wobbly towers, climbed fruit trees and enjoyed cherries - a huge natural playground.

As a schoolboy I was allowed to help in the production and in the warehouse. The best part of the summer was to be allowed to join the daily truck rides to our collection points in many villages around Pressath. In order to be able to deliver everything quickly, freshly and on time to our customers or to preserve it, we really made great efforts. As a young adult, I picked up the fresh berries and mushrooms from our region alone during the season.

Soon afterwards, my father taught me the economic side of the business. My uncle Albrecht showed me a lot of organizational and practical things in the production. I brought a lot of know-how from them both into the 3rd generation of the family business. I learned the profession of an industrial clerk, studied business administration and gleaned the necessary craftmanship and experience from my ancestors.

My father taught me the most important thing:

Love the food, keep the quality high and appreciate all employees!

And my children teach me what is even more important:

Be sustainable, environmentally conscious and love what you do!

Yours truly,

Martin Baier