Our philosophy

Since the company was founded in 1949 by Georg Baier, whose name not only features in the company name, but is also included in the logo, the product range has not changed very much; except that modern conservation methods are used.

In keeping with the motto “Naturally good, traditional products”, Baier is still committed to the procurement and processing of high-quality natural products, in particular of forest and cultivated mushrooms, lingonberries and blueberries as well as other fruits which are largely used for vitamin-rich jams and low-sugar fruit spreads.

As always, our key business includes the collection, picking, sorting and handicraft processing of delicious products derived directly from nature – the only difference being that very different demands are made today with respect to the transportation and shelf life of products.

Today, mushrooms and berries must be transported over long distances in increasingly large trucks, airplanes or ships from wooded areas in Eastern Europe, Siberia and Scandinavia, where they grow naturally, or from farming regions in Southeast Asia, where they are cultivated. The manner of sourcing food which was predominant at the very beginning of mankind’s history – collecting mushrooms and fruits – is only performed by “hobby collectors” in our part of the world today. Moreover, species like chanterelles, which used to exist in abundance in the wooded areas of Southern Germany, have declined significantly since the 1970s, probably due to the increase in air pollution.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that of Germany’s numerous collection and processing plants only about a dozen mushroom and berry trading companies have remained, with the largest providers being based in Bavaria: In the Upper Palatinate, to be more specific.

In order to illustrate this and to live up to local history in general and family tradition in particular, our packaging for mushrooms and berries will not only include the new logo but also the Bavarian state emblem, the white-and-blue fusils.

Mushrooms and berries are becoming more popular than ever. Our gently processed, sugar-reduced products without pectin are completely on trend. The production of small batches with high fruit content ensures excellent quality which is a joy to the palate.

Moreover, authentic manufacture and experienced employees guarantee that our products meet the highest of quality standards, supported by various quality assurance checks with regard to product safety and traceability, commencing at the border of the country of origin up to our own final inspection before the goods leave our premises. For wild mushrooms, in particular, we are continuously required to prove that they do not originate from polluted cultivation areas. It is worth mentioning here that many consumers still believe that Ukrainian or Russian mushrooms are highly contaminated with radioactive substances due to the Chernobyl disaster. Our ongoing tests demonstrate the exact opposite, however. Word has since gotten around that the very best mushrooms originate from the extensive wooded areas in the former Soviet Union.

In spite of our commitment to our values, traditions and roots we also ensure that we meet the ever increasing demands of our customers and continue to grow our products, concepts and processes. It is due in no small part to this combination of artisanal tradition and innovative strength that many of our customers from the food industry and trade have continued to place their trust in us for decades.